Press Releases


Christopher Bea, Legislative Assistant

Delegate Scott Surovell praised the Fairfax County Board of Supervisors’ decision last week to authorize
the Fairfax County Department of Transportation to apply for Transportation Investments Generating
Economic Recovery (TIGER) II Program grant funds. The total of $78 million applied for by the County is
available under the National Infrastructure Investment Program within the FY 2010 Federal
Appropriations Act. The money is to be split between five projects, including $1 million for the
Richmond Highway Transit Study. Surovell welcomed the request, saying “The Transit Study is one of
the first steps to making long-term, sweeping improvements to U.S. 1 in Fairfax County.”

U.S. 1 has long been the source of much congestion in the 44th District and the Mount Vernon area.
Surovell noted “U.S. 1 has not been widened between Telegraph Road and Huntington Avenue since the
year I was born – 1971 – and we are seeing the adverse impacts of that today.” Running for
approximately seven miles through the 44th District, U.S. 1 is the main transportation artery in the
Mount Vernon area. Surovell made transportation improvements one of the cornerstones of his 2009

Senator Toddy Puller who has been working on U.S. 1 improvements since she was first elected in 1991
said “I hope the results of this study will allow us to finally move forward with substantial transportation
improvements to the Route 1 corridor.”

Surovell recently sent a letter to U.S. Secretary of Transportation Ray LaHood urging the Secretary to
approve the County’s request. Surovell noted in the letter that the Federal Highway Administration
required the transit study before extensive changes could begin.

Surovell is committed to seeing new transit solutions along the U.S. 1 corridor. “Short-term we need to
ease congestion and expand existing public transportation options. Long-term we need to explore the
expansion of Metro or light rail along U.S. 1.” Any major changes or improvements to the U.S. 1 corridor
require the completion of the Transit Study before work can begin.